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Cry Baby NBA Owners and Execs

First it was the Cavs owner, now Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is sling juvenile and BS insults at Chris Bosh. Look, the Raptor are a miserable franchise, and like the Cavs; they’re showing why they deserve to be.

Bosh was there for seven years, and you gave him even less parts than Lebron got, and Lebron is a better player. So the Raptors weren’t ever going anywhere. Bosh new it and got out. It’s clear star players don’t want to go to Toronto.

From Stoudamire to McGrady to Carter to Bosh, when stars players get a chance to get out of Toranto, THEY LEAVE.

I know Stoudamire got traded, but that was because he was disgruntled, and they traded him to try and get something for him before he left on his own.

Alonzo Morning even RETIRED rather than go to Toronto, when he got traded to them by New Jersey in the Carter deal. Then, he came back out of retirement after his obligation to the Raptures was up.

This is how bad nobody who has any real choice wants to play in Toronto.

I have nothing against the city as I know nothing about it; but there something about it that NBA starts want no part of. Colangelo and Raptor fans just need to deal with that fact.

Colangelo basically called Bosh a quitter who wouldn’t come back from an injury just because he didn’t want to, and said that he simply wasn’t good enough to fit players with him no matter who they brought.

Either Colangelo is a complete incompetent or a complete liar; because if Bosh is such a lousy player and quitter, then why would you even want him on your team at all, much less offer him a max contract to stay. The fact that such was offered means Colangelo is lying about what he thinks about Bosh to insult him over sour grapes and hurt feelings (the same as with the slick-back headed mobster who owns the Cavs did with Lebron), or if he does really believe that stuff, he’s the biggest incompetent in the world for offering him a max contract.

Yahoo Sports article on what Colangelo http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/blog/ball_dont_lie/post/Raptors-GM-Bryan-Colangelo-slams-Chris-Bosh?urn=nba-258454&cp=4#comments
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