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NBA Draft Lottery

The other night, ESPN was replaying the "30 for 30" program focused on Reggie Miller and the New York Knicks, which naturally contained some brief footage of the Knicks drafting Patrick Ewing. However, there was no mention of the variety of conspiracy theories that exist questioning the validity of this lottery. One Wikipedia poster even proclaims that "Video evidence shows that the Knicks envelope was jammed into the drum, and then when reaching for the first envelope, Stern reaches for the one with the bent corner," and cites a YouTube video as a citation.

Anyways, it's hard to say if the conspiracy theories are correct, but those who believe everything Tim Donaghy has to say might buy into the idea of a fixed lottery.

Cleveland was fortunate enough to win the top pick in tonight's lottery, which is a [sorta ok] consolation prize for a team that just lost Lebron to South Beach. But who is the best player to pick?
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