Rob Thomas (dj_underdog) wrote in sports_debate,
Rob Thomas


Why do people yell and scream about Barry Bonds supposedly using steroids, and how he's ruining the game and his records shouldn't stand, but no one seems to give a fuck that Kenny Rogers was cheating and that pitchers have cheated throughout the history of the game? All I hear is how pitchers cheating is "part of the game". Really?

Why is one type of cheating ok and the other not?

And on top of it all, Kenny Rogers is an asshole! Did everyone seem to forget that this is the guy who, unprovoked, physically assaulted one cameraman and then verbally assaulted another shortly after that. Why aren't more people attacking this cheater?

Mark Foley thinks its racism.


I understand people are talking about Kenny Rogers. But what isn't there is the outrage that is associated with Barry Bonds and steroids. I'm wondering why there's no outrage on this type of cheating.
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